The Migraine Piercing: Does It Really Work?


Believe it or not, piercings can be pretty versatile in nature. Although the majority of people will get them because they look great, some piercings have more of a significant role in a person’s life; whether it be cultural or religious.

However, more recently it has emerged that a specific piercing may have pain relieving properties for a common condition. According to some sufferers, a daith piercing has relieved their symptoms of a migraine; a condition which can be extremely debilitating for many people.

But does this piercing really help?


The Daith Piercing

There are so many different ear piercing, and each has a different name depending what area of the ear is to be pierced. The daith piercing is located on the innermost curl of cartilage nearest the earhole.

Once a fashion piercing, it has emerged that this point of the ear could help reduce the symptoms of migraines in a similar way to how acupuncture works – putting pressure on specific pressure points to relieve any discomfort.

The area which the piercing is located is actually an area which many acupuncturists target when using their skills to attempt to reduce the effects of headaches and migraines, so having a permanent pressure applied on it in the form of a piercing makes perfect sense as to why this could work.

Do They Work?

As the piercing is often likened to acupuncture, it goes without saying that getting a daith piercing may not work for everyone.

Although there are many stories out there on social media of people who the piercing has worked wonders for, it is worth mentioning that not all headaches or migraines will be cured by having the piercing done.

There are many different conditions under the umbrella term of “migraine”, so although many people report the daith piercing as a solution for their migraines, it may not be as effective in another case. In fact, many of the people who are raving about this piercing for their migraines have commented that although their migraines and headaches have improved, they haven’t disappeared altogether.

The Verdict?

Suffering from migraines and frequent headaches can be very frustrating, and sufferers can often feel so weak and ill that they’d do anything to make the pain and nausea stop.

The great thing about this piercing is that it’s not permanent; that is, if it doesn’t work for you, you aren’t losing out and can simply remove the piercing. It’s a great opportunity to try and find a solution which doesn’t require reliance on having painkillers on hand, and what’s more – it looks great too!

As a piercer, you may notice an influx of customers asking for this particular piercing as the exposure and research into whether it can help migraine sufferers or not grows. Make sure you’re prepared with the correct equipment and join in the migraine piercing movement!

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