The True Meanings Behind Some of The Most Iconic Tattoos


Tattoos have become ingrained in so many different cultures, transforming the body into a living, moving, breathing work of art. But, have you ever wondered about the true meanings behind some of the most iconic tattoo designs? Yes, dream catchers and swallows are popular, but why? Let’s take a look at the meanings in further detail…


Dream Catchers

The dream catcher stems from Native American culture. They are a sign of happiness, good fortune and protection. Grandparents wove dream catchers for newborns, placing them above their cradle so that the infants would have peaceful dreams.


Siren tattoos have been popular for many years now, and they have a fascinating back story. Half woman, half fish, these creatures used to lure sailors, seducing them to their death with their seductive music. Sirens speak of how dangerous, yet enticing, the sea is. A siren tattoo, therefore, signifies that you are a person who lets their passions lead the way.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry trees and blossoms are going through a surge in popularity again. Not only do they look stunning, but they're also a Japanese symbol of the beauty and fragility of life. This tattoo will remind you that, while life is overwhelmingly beautiful, it can also be tragically short at the same time. This is a lovely tribute to someone you love who has passed away too soon.


You’re probably already well aware that a rose symbols romance. However, this flower is a powerful symbol, which has strong and diverse meanings across the world. While the red rose speaks of passion and love, if you change the colour, the meaning changes. For example, a blue rose symbolises mystery and longing to attain the impossible. Some cultures even believe that the blue rose will grant wishes.


Soft and elegant, feathers have a different meaning depending on the culture. They can be both a positive and a negative symbol. In some cultures, feathers represent luck and birth. In others, a feather is for loss and death.


The Om is the sacred sound and spiritual icon. It points to all ends and to all beginnings. It comes from the Hindu religion, yet has become a popular symbol across the world.


Finally, we have pin-ups. Sailors used to get pin-up tattoos to remind them that they had their girlfriends or wives waiting for them at home. After all, life at sea meant separation from the ones you love. These tattoos portray femininity, perfection and excellency, wrapped up in the silhouette of seduction and guile.

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