The Weird and Wonderful World of Tattoo Styles


Choosing a tattoo design that you love, and will inevitably continue to love for the next however many years can be tricky, but with so many talented and wonderful artists available – it can prove quite difficult to opt for something less than beautiful... Although we are well aware that some individuals still manage to achieve this, and more fool them!

With the talent and incredible achievements of tattoo artists in recent years, we couldn't help but highlight a few of the favourite tattoo styles we've seen, and hope to inspire you in your search for your next tattoo design. Tattoos are personal, so should be unique to you and your styles, no matter the theme. So, for a ltitle inkspiration - here are 3 of the most beautiful tattoo styles!


Watercolour Ink

A special type of tattoo that we recommend you only get done if by a capable artist. These tattoos are truly breathtaking, providing you with a one-off and ink-like skin creation which looks delicate yet striking against the skin.

BuzzFeed recommends that if you’re looking to get one of these specially-skilled tats - your best bet is Prague or St. Petersburg. So, you better get saving!

UV Ink

We’re not quite sure when this tatt-style started, but it’s pretty effective – if done right, of course! The whole idea of these tattoos is to be generally invisible (or nearly invisible) under broad daylight, however, in a club or UV environment, will react with the Ultraviolet and become visible.

Tattoos are drawn with specialist UV tattoo inks rather than normal inks, but although they look pretty cool when first done – UV-light sensitive chemicals can cease over time, resulting in a pretty dull and ineffective piece of skin-art. However, we still think they are a pretty awesome idea, perfect for the rave subculture, or people who prefer their subtle tattoos to not affect their career.

Dotwork Ink

Dotwork tattoos are a traditional method, made modern by today’s electrical technology. Once hand-tapped, electric machine dotwork ink is a new style emerging throughout modern tattooing, and we think it’s pretty nice!

Although these beautiful and unique tats must take hours to be created, they are well worth it! Delicate, stunning and interesting – dotworks are everything you want from a piece of body art that’ll be inked on you forever!

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