Trending Tattoo Styles


Tattoos are like any form of art: styles go through changes and trends depending on the popular artists and growing exposure of tattooing as an art. Here at Body Shock we follow all these new trends eagerly, new styles bring new challenges to tattoo artists and we love to help you out in these endeavours.



A style made famous by Pablo Picasso during the early 20th century, Cubism is one of the most influential visual styles of the century and it has become an in-demand tattoo style. Tattoo artists such as Sasha Unisex have made this style their own, modifying it for application on skin. It uses block colours to shape portraits of animals and flowers. Unisex’s tattoos have gained popularity due to their feminine appearance and there is no doubt that this will be a growing trend in 2016.



A growing shared asset on social media comes in the form of the geometric tattoo. This style allows for you as an artist to create a 100% unique and interesting design each and every time; no two geometric tattoos will ever be exactly the same. This style can also be used in smaller tattoos, in flower pieces for example, or in much larger full-body pieces that turn the body into a whole geometric pattern.



This is a tattoo design that is taking over the world, with artists such as Dr Woo perfecting the art of small and minimal tattoos that are understated but make a big statement all the same. This is a trend that has reached a whole demographic of people that have never stepped foot into a tattoo parlour due to the increase in celebrities taking this style for their own tattoos. It’s a trend that will no doubt sky rocket this year in your parlours.

Single Line


Another growing tattoo trend that relies on a minimalist approach is the single line tattoo. This is a style that requires expert execution, as a single mistake can ruin the piece, and can be used in a number of patterns such as animals, flowers, skulls and so much more. It is a style that artist Mo Ganji has perfected and we expect it to be a growing tattoo trend for 2016.

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