Upcoming Tattoo Trends: Ideas for Summer 2015


Just like anything that we wear on our body, tattoos can be used to make a fashion statement – and that means that it’s just as important to stay on top of tattooing trends as it is to update your wardrobe for the new season!

Here are some great design ideas for summer 2015, perfect for when you want to pass on some fresh ideas to your clients, or even if you want to get inked yourself:


Be Bold with a Pitch Black Bat(man)

The bat is a fantastic option for a tattoo that combines subtlety with just a little bit of edge. Since the idea is so versatile, it can be as simple as a small and discrete shoulder design, or spread its wings to fill the entire chest or back. We think that a small swarm of bats looks especially striking, although with two upcoming blockbuster movies set to feature characters from the Batman universe, now might be the time to base an idea around The Dark Knight himself.

Take Flight with a Unique Pair of Wings

If you’re not a big fan of the bat, but you love the idea of taking flight with your tattoo, then a set of wings could be the 2015 tattoo trend for you. Channel your inner mythical creature with a set of fairy or phoenix wings, or stay traditional and have the feathers of the almighty eagle etched on your back. You can mix it up a bit by having a set of wings etched somewhere unexpected, be it the shoulder, the foot, or even a tiny pair on the back of the neck!

Glisten in the Sun with Anything Gold

Perhaps you already know exactly what tattoo design you want, but you’re still a little undecided on the colour – alternatively, tattoo artists might be wondering which colours to stock up on for the coming months. Well, this summer it’s all about gold tattoos: something which will catch the light of the sun and glisten with seasonal light. From tribal designs to that classic book quote, anything looks good with gold. Why not try combining too summer trends and opt for a stand-out gold bat?

If you’re looking forward to inking up some clients with these fashionable summer designs then don’t forget the importance of keeping your equipment up to date – with inks, needles and tattoo guns you can come to Body Shock for all your studio supplies. Contact us today, online or at 01922 744088 to make an enquiry or place an order.