When the Fun Fades: What You Can Do If You Hate Your Tattoo


Have we stressed it enough yet that tattoos are a permanent addition to your body? More and more people are getting tattooed every single day and we think that even though those who are getting tattooed are generally more educating than they were years ago, it’s still important to realise how permanent this form of body art is.

Although we’ve touched on the fact that you must choose a design which you won’t get bored of easily, there are some people who simply fall out of love with their tattoos for various reasons; maybe it was your first tattoo which wasn’t done amazingly well or simply a reminder of a past relationship.

Whatever your reason, you’re probably wondering what your options are for getting rid of the tattoo that you no longer want on your body and as providers of high quality tattoo equipment, we’re happy to oblige with some answers!

Tattoo Removal

If you are really sure that you never ever want to see your tattoo ever again, there is always the option of laser tattoo removal.

woman with brown hair is laid on a clinical table having her tattoo laser removed by another woman wearing gloves and a gown

However, before jumping on the first laser tattoo service you find put as much effort as you can into finding a reputable expert. Think of it like finding the perfect artist for your tattoo- you’ll want to put the same amount of research into finding someone who can remove it for you.

Not all laser tattoo removal sessions will yield the same results and you may have to book another session to fade the tattoo even further.

Re-Work the Existing Art

Rather than laser the work off your skin, why not find an artist that you love and get the tattoo covered over and turn it into a piece of art that you will like.

 close up of a man's arm having its tattoo covered up

We’ve previously covered the things you should consider before getting a tattoo cover up, which should be something that you read before deciding to completely cover your old tattoo with another one. Not only will the cover up tattoo be bigger, but you may be limited to what design can be used to cover the previous art.

Find an artist who has previous experience that they can show you of their cover-ups- you don’t want to end up with another tattoo that you don’t like because the artist has never done a a cover up before.

Embrace It

If you don’t love your tattoo any more but don’t want to have laser removal or have to save up for another tattoo to cover it, there’s always the “embrace it” route.

Although this wont get rid of your tattoo, the sooner you embrace that it’s a part of you, the easier it will be to forget about.

close up of an older man's folded arms where in one hand he holds a pipe and the other he shows a faded tattoo

There are many people in the world who detest their tattoos but refuse to get rid of them because they meant something to them at some point in their life. Some even use the old tattoo within a new tattoo design in the future, such as the famous cover-up Pikachu tattoo design.

Rather than going through a rough break up with your tattoo, there are various options that you can look into. Research all your choices before fully deciding on the right one for you- we don’t want you to further regret your tattoo decision!

If you are a tattoo artist and are looking for top of the range tattoo equipment to use on your cover up clients to help them feel happy with their tattoos again, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling our team on 01922 744088 and we will be happy to provide you with more information.

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