Where Does it Hurt The Most?


Tattoos hurt, in spite of those who claim that they don’t in order to prove their strength or show how tough they are. They simply do hurt, and that’s a fact!

Given that the process involves several needles piercing your skin, it makes sense that it would smart a little, and this can put off first timers. Even those who have several tattoos still fear to let their tattoo artists loose on certain areas of their body, so we thought that we would put together a little guide to demonstrate where tattoos hurt the most:

Minimal Pain

Areas such as the outer arms, thighs and calves are all considered places that will suffer the least pain when being tattooed. It is a decent rule of thumb that areas on the body with more fat behind them and thicker skin will be less sensitive, and therefore cause less pain. Generally, the areas that cause the least pain will be those that are most often bumped into, as they will be desensitised.

Moderate Pain

Areas such as the feet, the neck, the abdomen and under the arms are generally considered to be areas that will hurt a moderate amount when tattooed. This is due to the fact that the skin is thinner, and there are more nerve endings underneath it, prompting a stronger pain response.

Severe Pain

Areas such as the hands, nipples and genitalia are known to be incredibly sensitive, and really aren’t for the faint of heart. Having personally sat through 8 hours of underarm tattooing without a flinch, I can testify to the severity of pain having the inside of your fingers tattooed causes...the most unpleasant experience of my life...bar none! If you choose one of these areas as your first tattoo spot, then it may well be your last, as it is enough to make grown adults whimper and throw in the towel.

We hope that you find this little guide helpful in both choosing the location of your next tattoo, as well as preparing for the inevitable pain. As a leading supplier of tattoo equipment, we would never try and stop anyone from booking some time at the parlour; we just like to let you know in advance about the discomfort it will cause. If you want to get a better idea of how sensitive an area will be to tattooing, simply pinch it with your nails and you will get a fairly good idea of its sensitivity. Just don’t try it on the inside of your fingers!

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