Why Do People Get Tattoos?


As tattoo artists, you’ll already know the thrill that getting a tattoo can bring; having art created on your body is a great way to express yourself and show off an artist's work, too.

However, there are so many reasons that people want to be tattooed, and while it’s not really something that tattoo artists will ask their clients, it’s interesting to understand some of the common reasoning’s behind getting a tattoo – and some are more unique than you think!

Cosmetic Reasons

Tattoo’s don’t have to necessarily be bright, bold pieces, although it’s generally what we think of when we hear the word tattoo.


However, there are ways in which tattoos can help them feel better about themselves, but not in the way you’re probably thinking. There are tattoos which can help people cover areas of their bodies which they aren’t happy with for one reason or another.

Tattoos helping people who are conscious about their stretch marks gain a more even skin tone, offer a more permanently groomed looking eyebrow for those people who may have over-plucked in the past, and even allow those who have undergone surgery for breast cancer to have a realistic tattoo of a nipple help overcome the cosmetic side of such an important surgery.

There are even people who have scars from other surgeries that they feel are unsightly, and opt to have them covered up by a colourful, vibrant tattoo.


One of the more common reasons that people want a tattoo is that they want to immortalise a memory in a creative way on their body. This can be anything from the loss of a loved one, remembering the trip of a lifetime, or even just commemorating a special date in their life.


There’s not one right or wrong way to go about a memorial tattoo, and ultimately, your client will have some idea of how they want the memory to be depicted, but don’t feel like you can’t offer help and guidance along the way – after all, you’re the artist!

It’s important to remember that these tattoos will hold a special meaning for the client, and while it’s a given that you’ll always ensure that the design it just right, it’s even more important that you’re sure that they are completely happy with the design before proceeding; we’ve all heard stories of these types of tattoos going very wrong!

Their Culture

Tattoos are ingrained in a variety of different cultures around the world, so it’s only natural that some people want to embrace that. As tattoos have been around since the Neolithic times, you can guarantee that the majority of cultures will have some form of tattoo associated with them.


However, not every culture has a positive view with regards to tattooing; many used tattoos as a way to brand prisoners and criminals to allow them to be identified, or even disrespectful to the body, whereas others embraced tattoos and used them to show class, honour and respect.

There are so many cultural reasons to get tattoos, and it’s important that when asked to design one for a client, the utmost care is taken to get it right – the meaning behind certain symbols can mean everything.

Because They Want To

It might be obvious, but some people simply want to decorate their body with art. Especially in our society right now, tattoos don’t need to have a special meaning behind them; if you want one, you want one.


However, it’s important to alert your client to the fact that these are permanent features on their bodies, and no tattoo should even be undertaken on a whim. While there are laser removal options out there, it’s better – and more cost-effective – to create a design that your client will love forever!

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