VIP Series Premium Quality Tattoo Needles


About VIP Series Premium Quality Tattoo Needles

For true quality at an affordable price, there is nothing that quite matches the VIP Series Premium Quality Tattoo Needles – the artist’s choice. The VIP series has been designed with precision in mind, offering you the chance to create body art that is both vivid and clear. With strength and clarity on your side, these are the needles that give your creative talent free reign.

A Huge Choice of VIP Series Tattoo Needles

As one of the main distributors of VIP Series premium quality tattoo needles, we’re proud to have a good range of Shaders and Liners for you to choose between. This includes a variety of sizes and shapes, ensuring that you can choose the tool that suits your purpose – so whether you’re looking for Fine Liners, Wide Liners, Flat Shaders or something completely different, you’ll probably find what you need in the VIP range.

Get In Touch for More Information about VIP Series Needles

We understand that choosing your needles is one of the most important decisions that a tattoo artist makes, as it can determine the overall outcome of an entire piece of work. The VIP Series Premium Quality Tattoo Needles come with the recommendation of industry professionals who have found that they do the job to perfection, however if you’d like to hear about more of the technical details we’ll be happy to discuss them with you – get in touch and one of our highly-trained members of staff will give you all of the details you need; we can also help you to decide which needles fit your requirements.