Cheyenne Tattoo Needles


About Cheyenne Tattoo Needles

When the Cheyenne tattoo needle cartridge system was first introduced into the industry it was absolutely groundbreaking, saving time for tattoo artists and offering more precision as well as extra comfort for the customer. To this day, Cheyenne tattooing needles remain one of the most popular options – not to mention one of the safest, with a range of precautions put in place to ensure that germs and bacteria never get near your clients’ skin.

Here at Body Shock, we’re pleased to offer a wide selection of different Cheyenne tattoo needles, so whatever design you’re putting together we’ll have the right cartridge for the job.

Cheyenne Tattooing Needles Put Hygiene First

This includes the use of medical plastic, and sterilisation to ensure that each set of Cheyenne tattoo needles is completely hygienic. In addition, each tattoo needle cartridge includes a safety membrane which stops any pigment from entering the motor, and to block contaminants such as bacteria. Combine this with the fact that the cartridge system eliminates the time-consuming need to set up a range of different needles for each client and you can see exactly why they’ve become leaders of the industry.

Contact Us to Discuss Cheyenne Tattoo Needles

For unbeatable quality, there’s no doubting that Cheyenne offer some of the best cartridges on the market, making them a fantastic choice for real artists! To make sure that you get the right Cheyenne tattooing needles for your tattoo parlour you can get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss all the options that are available to you.