4 Tips For Landing Yourself a Tattoo Apprenticeship


For many art lovers, becoming a tattoo artist is a dream job. Yet being a tattooist requires much more skill than simply being able to draw. There is plenty to learn regarding health and safety, techniques and styles and even exceptional customer service and care. It is, therefore, a great idea to begin your career with an apprenticeship. This way you will learn from skilled artists and kick-start your working life positively. With many people aspiring to claim a place in this incredible career, here are four top tips to help you land yourself that all-important apprenticeship.


1. Be Determined

Tattooing is not easy, and the job of a tattoo artist requires passion, dedication and commitment. You must ensure that you have that same mindset, otherwise, those who do will get ahead of you. Set yourself a goal and work for it with determination, energy and a strong sense of personal motivation. This attitude will show in your interviews and on your applications, so you need to get it spot on.

2. Build your Portfolio

Get together a professional looking portfolio, either online, on paper or both. This will be a showcase of your artwork and you should aim to have around 50 completed pieces. Try to show varying skill sets with a range of art, including outlines, shaded designs, full-colour pieces and typography. If you have a particularly unique style, make sure this stands out as a show of your talent and individuality.

3. Do Your Research

Not all tattoo shops or artists will take on apprentices and there is no point wasting time writing to those who don't. Look online, call shops/artists or pop in to local shops to ask. This way you can spend adequate time on your applications to those who are looking to take somebody on. By doing your research well you will also know if the shop/artist you're applying to has a particular style, clientele or atmosphere. This means you will know if it is the right place for you, and can interview with a level of understanding.

4. Go Prepared

It is not just your portfolio that will show you are prepared. It is also important to have a knowledge of the industry, of current trends, and of different types of tattoo guns and inks. Don't worry - you are not expected to know it all right away, and in an apprenticeship you learn on the job. However, a basic understanding helps to demonstrate your passion and interest in the business and gives you a higher chance of being successful in your attempt to get the apprenticeship.

When you begin your apprenticeship be sure to start your new career on a positive. At Body Shock, we are a leading supplier of top quality tattoo guns and high-quality inks. Contact us today to find out more about what we offer and how it can benefit you as an artist.