The Most Removed Tattoos



Although there are infinite design options when it comes to tattoos, some are still more popular than others. As a tattoo artist it’s likely you do the same tattoos over and over again, which also means that the same designs are often getting removed.

No matter why someone wants to have laser tattoo removal, be it because they absolutely hate their tattoo or because it didn’t match their expectations, there seems to be some common denominators between these designs. For instance, prevalent issues with tattoos appear to be poor execution, misspelled names and high visibility.

Knowing which tattoos are most likely to be removed can help you avoid putting them on your clients in the first place.


Name Tattoos


It’s not just misspelled names that people want to remove or cover-up, even though you’ve probably seen your fair share. Most of the time people just want to get away from memories of their past, which includes tattoos of their ex’s name. While it seems like a good idea at the time, getting a tattoo of someone else’s name is usually nothing more than a painful reminder in the near future.

So if your clients want to tattoo their sweetheart’s name on their skin, it’s advisable to let them know this might not be the right thing…

Tattoos You Can’t Cover


These are also popular candidates for removal. When people get tattoos in difficult or impossible to cover locations, such as the neck or the hands, chances are they might regret it later. Putting aside the fact that visible tattoos may affect the way employers see job applicants – as they may be seen as unprofessional – they also have a stigma attached to them.

While the general public is much more accepting of tattoos now than before, most people draw the line at face tattoos or other highly visible locations – no matter what the design is. Choosing the right location, then, is key when thinking about getting a tattoo, and overlooking it is part of the reason why many people seek tattoo removal.


Trends of the Past


Fashion is not stationary. In fact, trends seem to come and go, and tattoo designs are no different. While something may be popular for the moment, it won’t stay like that forever. Also, people’s tastes change all the time, so it’s likely that while your customer may be completely enamoured with a current trend, he or she may not feel the same once this trend becomes outdated.

Whether these tattoos are butterflies, tribal symbols, Chinese words or favourite rock bands, it’s important that your clients are sure they won’t fall out of love with the design and will continue to appreciate it even if it’s not as fashionable anymore.


Getting a tattoo is a decision that should never be taken lightly, since its permanent nature always requires careful consideration, both of the design and the location where it will be tattooed. If not, there’s a risk that people will eventually stop loving their tattoo and want to have it removed from their skins forever.